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Friday, November 23, 2012

Imani's Armario Fashion Site

Imani's Armario Fashion Site

Normally, i do feature awesome bloggers whenever i can. This week i would like to feature Imani's Armario Fashion Site (

The site was started on 20th November and thus, this tells you that it is a new kid on the fashion world. Imani Armario is a great fashion site dedicated to delivering fashionable clothes to its customers within the Nairobi CBD. Amazingly, their prices are awesome


Imani's Armario is a new  online-based small  business,selling women's clothing for now but they plan on expanding to accommodate clothing for men and people of all ages. They focus on delivering quality clothing at  subsidized and pocket-friendly prices. And strive to always make their customers happy and classy!

 If you would love to be treated as a very special customer and feel appreciated, then ordering your clothes from Imani's Armario should be your place.

As a tradition, many people love seeing the person behind any great idea. For Imani's Armario, the owner is a stylish lady by the name Faith Karimi Mbogo but goes by the name Imani Karimi on most social networks.


Also, she runs a fashion blog on

Please spare some time and check it out. 

Find the Blog's page on Facebook and kindly LIKE it. It is called One of My Little Heavens Down Here ( this is also the blog's name).

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Phone: 0725807637



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