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Fashion Cop


I will be posting all fashion blunders here.So Stay on top of your game. I have got some fashion cops who will be walking randomly in town-Nairobi, and all major events to capture those who break fashion rules.

So,Stay on Top of Your Game and Avoid Shame

For example,What was this lady thinking when deciding to wear this hat?

This hat overshadowed all the swag she had in her nice dress. She has got some nice hair,which she should have just plaited or just held in a nice way rather than using a hat that at last made her look as if she was going to a birthday party yet she was clubbing.
Lesson:-Know how your head looks before trying a hat.
What she should have tried:- 
The two pictures above there have some swag in themselves. That is what the lady should have gone for. Very stylish,small hats that cover your head very fantastically.

Guy going for classes


Here is another case,this guy is evident that he was going to catch a lecture somewhere or else to give a lecture somewhere. It is evident that you cant dress like this when attending a class. You don't need to be a nursery school kid to know that you cant combine a bag, document wallet, a pair of trousers,a nice sweater with some socks and bathroom slippers.

Lesson:-Mind your footwear according to the trousers you have worn.
What he should have tried:- 
If you look closely to the pic on your right, the guy has made his dressing simple : A nice sweater, scarf, good trousers and nice shoes. Think if he had worn a pair of bathroom slippers like the guy above...Now you see how a small element of your dressing can do away with your swag.So stay on top of your game easily!

So,what shoes should a guy wear with sweaters?
When choosing shoes to match sweater and pants, there are several variables to consider. Wearing a sweater and pair of pants are a versatile clothing combination that can range between casual to semi-formal/business casual. You could even throw on a dinner jacket over a sweater, crisp white button up, and dress shoes to transform it into an even classier outfit. So, consider the situation, outfit, and colors before picking just any pair of shoes.  
   --Consider the event

Choose your outfit depending on the event. If you're going to a nice dinner, you may want to choose some dress shoes. If you're going to the movies, then fashionable tennis shoes are appropriate. Please keep in mind that there is a distinct difference between fashionable tennis shoes and the kind of tennis shoes that you wear to the gym. Fashionable tennis shoes are visually attractive when paired with an outfit to hangout in, whereas tennis shoes built for actual sports are built for performance than fashion. It is rare to find both. If you're taking your outfit from day-to-night, prepare to have dress shoes on hand. In the end, it's better to show up dressed up than dressed down, but we all feel comfortable when we're dressed appropriately for the event.

  --Think about color 

Whether you've chosen dress shoes or fashionable tennis shoes it's vital to consider color. Navy and brown are a good combination. Black is attractive on most others. Some people can pull off other colors, such as white dress shoes, but this takes awareness of mixing and matching colors, as well as the general social rules. For example, a general rule of thumb is to learn to match your belt with your shoes. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule; however, that takes knowing the rules in order to break them.

More Stories coming up here in this page,So keep it here coz i will be updating everything about fashion blunders here.