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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Xmas Gifts For Him

Xmas is just days away. I know there are many people who still have not bought gifts for their friends.This is the right time you went around shopping for Xmas gifts for men in your life. As you plan to go shopping, first understand the type of man you are going shopping for because there are different types of men.They range from technosavy men who like electronic gadgets to clothy men who would not mind clothing gifts for Christmas.Below is a list of the different types of men and the gifts you can choose for them. Clothy Men
Shirts T-shirts Jeans Tie A suit Shoes Be keen when choosing the sizes and colors.It is good to know the colors and the sizes he wears. Sporty Men
This is so easy because you just need to buy him a jersey of his favorite football team or any other sports team even if it is rugby.Other gifts you can buy for him are: A ticket to sport event Favorite sport equipments Sport Shoes Sport magazines Favorite sport team history book Favorite player's autobiography Technosavy Men
This is a kind of man who loves electronics.You can buy him: Mobile phone ,Laptop ,Digital camera ,PDA, MP3 player, DVD player, iPods or even a new tv set.

Finally, I wish all of you my blog readers a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why a Trench Coat is a must have !

 It is no doubt that the chilly weather is getting the best of us this holiday season. For those who live in places where rain is pretty frequent, a full length trench coat is the perfect solution to protect yourself and your clothes.
Even football managers over the continent have not been left behind with the likes of Alex Ferguson, Robert Mancini, Andres Villas Boas, Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola adopting trench coats to keep them warm during the football games.

Why are these coats so great and what benefits do they offer that other coats do not?
 Warmth: The trenches usually have an insulated lining that helps to protect the person wearing the coat. This extra lining will keep out the wind and rain, but will also keep the wearer of the coat very warm.Say no to coldness.
Length: It is long enough to protect all of your clothes from the rain. Since the rain will come down in all directions and the wind may blow it further, a long coat is much better than a shorter coat.

Unisex: They are perfect for men and women. There are different styles and men's trench coats are very different from women's. However, the style is made for both and often times, a woman can grab a man's trench and wear that if she needs to.

Nice style: The full length trench is still very stylish and classy. The belt at the waist helps to keep it more form fitted, but can also be forgiving for those who have more of a mid-section. Women can belt these coats fashionably and even tie them in a nice knot. Men can wear the coats unbelted and open or closed.
Durability: It is usually made of a heavy duty cotton drill or poplin, both of which are waterproof. This makes these coats very durable, and can thus endure harsh weather. A normal leather coat or cotton coat will get wet very easily, but the trench will keep you dry for a longer period of time.
Shopping for an Trench coat:
  • Budget what you can afford. You need to know what you are able to spend and how much flexibility your budget has before you start to browse the different choices and face temptations.
  • Take options. There are many choices out there, so you will want to check them out before you make your decision.Consider the color, length, size and style the trench coat has before purchasing.
  • Shop around. It may sound difficult, but don't just buy the first trench coat that fits and is in your price range. You may not find a better deal elsewhere, but there's always a chance that you might.
Consider buying a few trench coats in different colors, weights and lengths.Make sure the trench coat is big enough to fit over a sweater or light blazer.
Have the sleeves on a trench tailored to fit, if needed.
Avoid a trench coat that is too big or doesn't hang well on your body. This can make you look sloppy.
Stay away from coats with too many details on the shoulders or chest that can overwhelm your frame if you are petite.
Things to wear with a Trench Coat:  
Shift Dress Pairing a shift dress with a trench coat is a classic look. If the weather is too cool to wear a shift dress alone, a trench coat can provide needed warmth in a fashionable way. The trench coat should hit around your knees. The bottom of your shift dress might stick out past the trench coat, which is fine. This gives a preview of what you're wearing underneath. 
Bright Colors  
Trench coats usually come in neutral shades like tan or black. Brighten up this drab neutral with some color underneath. Bright colors are a welcome surprise when paired with a neutral trench coat. A brightly colored blouse creates an unexpected pop of color when worn with a classic trench. For fall and winter, consider jewel tones like jade or a deep purple. For spring and summer, go for brighter hues like yellow, orange, fuschia or aqua. 
Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans provide a nice contrast with a trench coat. Since trench coats usually flare out below the waist, they balance well with skinny jeans, which have a tapered leg. Whereas a trench coat with boot cut jeans might provide too much fabric, a trench coat with skinny jeans provides just the right look. Wear your skinny jeans with boots or high heels to give added length to your legs.
Nautical Stripes
Trench coat can complete your look with nautical striped clothing. Pair a horizontally striped shirt in a classic color like navy, white or red with your neutral trench coat. The striped shirt calls for a solid jacket, and the trench coat fits the bill. Wear this look with a pencil skirt or your favorite pair of skinny jeans for a clean, classic look.
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Men Scarfs-Dress Them Differently

How to Tie a Scarf: 9 Tying Techniques

There is an elegant quality that comes with a scarf, giving the man who dons one an extra touch of swagger.
In the winter time, you’re probably going to be wearing the same couple of coats throughout the whole season. A scarf will add the perfect amount of noticeable flair and variety to your outfit, not to mention the extra warmth.
One question you hear the most regarding scarves is, “What’s the best way to wear one around your neck?”
There are so many ways you can wear a scarf. The most practical ways will only take you a few minutes to learn. Others, will take no effort at all.
Here are 9 different ways you can wear a scarf:

Here are some excellent illustrations courtesy of 1. The Ascot Knot (or Loose Tie)

Step 1 Let the middle of the scarf fall on the back of your neck with equal length on both sides.

Step 2 Take one end (A) and bring it towards the other (B).

Step 3 Let A pass from under B.

Step 4 Bring A upwards to make a knot as illustrated.

Step 5 Adjust both the ends equally facing downwards.
This type of knot is great when you’re wearing an open jacket, and you want the same appeal that a necktie has. It also works great when you’re wearing a turtle neck or a high collar jacket.

2. The Twice-Around Ascot

Step 1 Fold the scarf according to the basic fold 1 and let it hang around your neck equally on each side.

Step 2 Bring one side (A) towards the other side (B).

Step 3 Let A pass from under B.

Step 4 Bring A towards the front.

Step 5 Let A pass through B again to form a knot.

Step 6 Adjust both the sides facing forward as shown in the illustration.
This knot is the same as the first except that it goes around the neck twice. This techinque works best with a longer scarf.

3. The European Loop (or Slip Knot)

Step 1 Fold the scarf according to the basic fold 3 and then fold it again to form a sort of hoop.

Step 2 Let the scarf dangle around your neck with the hoop on one side of the shoulder.

Step 3 Take the other end (A) and bring it towards the hoop.

Step 4 Let A pass through the hoop to make a European loop.

Step 5 Tighten the loop to get the complete effect.
This knot can be made shorter by folding the scarf in half again after the first time. This type of knot goes well with a short jacket, which you can also tuck the scarf into and zip up. This is one of my personal favorites. It looks best in cold weather, and works well with both casual and business outfits.

4. The Fake Knot

Step 1 Fold the scarf according to basic knot 1 and let it drop down your neck equally on each side.

Step 2 Make a knot on one side (A).

Step 3 Bring the other side (B) towards A.

Step 4 Let B pass through A to form a knot.

Step 5 Tighten the knot to get a beautiful fake knot.

5. The Neck Tie

Tie your scarf as you would a regular neck tie – a Windsor knot looks best. This can only be done with a lightweight scarf. This is a very business appropriate look that would go create with a 3/4 length coat.
More simple ways to wear a scarf:

6. The Twice-Around

Place the scarf around your neck so that the two ends are at your back, cross the ends at the back of your neck and bring them around to the front. This is great for a casual oufit. For example, a simple solid jacket with jeans.
If it’s not cold out, wear it loose for a more laid-back appeal:

7. The Toss

This one is so easy: Hang the full length of the scarf around your neck with one side hanging down about one foot more than the other, then take the long end and cross it over your neck, tossing it behind you and over the opposite shoulder.



8. The Classic Drape
Simply drape the scarf around your neck and tuck it into your coat, covering the chest area left exposed by the coat’s neckline. If I’m wearing an overcoat, I like to do this, and close my jacket over it, checking that the scarf is evenly under my jacket collar.
Another way to use a scarf is to pop up your jacket collar and place it underneath:

9. The Wrap Around

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ladies Jackets

Many of my female friends have been requesting me to write something about ladies jackets. There are many varieties of ladies jackets though it is hard to distinguish them when you spot a lady wearing them. Thus,that is why i decided to bring a spot light in to this article.
Women's leather jackets are of different types as highlighted below:

Sullivan Leather Jackets
These usually are like normal leather jackets but the hands are usually made from pure cotton clothing like that of normal sweater.It can be the whole hand or just part of the hands.

Leather Trench Coat
These are the long jackets that go beyond the knees and with this cold weather this November and December, this type of jacket is a must in a ladies closet.

Shearling Leather Jacket
This type of leather jackets is usually defined by its unique collar.The collars are usually overlayed and oversized to give you a warm sensation around your neck and thus with this type of jacket,it is not a must to have a scarf with you. On the inner side of it,it is usually covered with warm cotton to give you a warmth feeling.

Riga Reversible Shearling Leather Jacket
This type is the most warmth jacket ever.It is usually covered with cotton and fur on the onside, and also on the outer side.This fur covering extends even to the outering of the collars and the hands and too, on the

Moto Leather Jacket
The unique thing about this jacket is that it does not have a collar. It is designed the same way a T-shirt is designed. It is actually the latest jacket that many celebrities are wearing of late.

Kaffi Cape Leather Jacket
This is a baggy women's leather jacket that a lady can clad in even without the need of wearing a shovel. It gives a very warm protection to the woman's chest.One can actually fail to notice that you are even wearing a jacket.

Ruffle Leather Jacket
It is a 'pimped' up jacket which has got many decorations on the front side.Instead of a zip,it has some good decorations and designs. Even on the collar, it is designed in a way that the collar is made to look more good and fashionable.

Varsity Leather Jacket
This jacket is unique. It has got stripes on the hands and too on the collar. In short, it is a sporty jacket and for those ladies who love attending live football matches, you can add this jacket on top of your teams' jersey incase the weather is chilly and cold.

 Drape Front Leather Jacket
This is a zippless and buttonless jacket. On the front side, it has got no zip or any buttons. Instead it has a shovel-like front. This type is easy to wear because it resembles the way you would wrap a 'kanga/leso' around your arms.

Thriller Leather Jacket
This came into the limelight because of the fame of late Michael Jackson's track called Thriller. It is a short jacket that covers the upper part of the abdomen. It is really fashionable and stylish because not many people have recognized it.

Suede Leather Jacket
They are a uni sexual jacket which are usually brown in color. For ladies, they can have fringes and shorter hands and they are usually long like trench coats.

That's all, now ladies next time you go shopping, insist on a specific type of jacket that you like according to the article above.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

How to shop 4 shoes

  • Determine how often and where your prospective new shoes are going to be worn. Most women don't take this into account when they walk past a shoe store. They simply spy a trendy pair of heels in a window and immediately think, "I'll have to find something to wear with those!" It is good to decide whether the shoe will be official purposes or just for going to church. If your job requires you to stand for long periods of time, for instance, or if you do lots of walking, you'll want a comfy fit and a lower heel. If you're buying shoes for a sightseeing trip, a rubber sole will provide more traction than synthetics or leather.
  • Buy your shoes in the morning. The reason is that human feet swell up a bit as the day goes on; accordingly, footwear that was purchased in the morning may pinch your toes by the time you wear them in the evening.
  • Have your feet measured by a salesperson in the store. Many people think that their shoe size doesn't change once whey grow up. Age, weight gain or loss and pregnancy, however, all affect the size of feet . It's for this reason that it's also good to do a yearly "shoe purge" of footwear that you've had for a long time.
  • Stay up put to your shoe size.If you wanted a certain size and you have not found it,don't take a larger size just because you like that model of shoe.
  • Walk around the shoe store to determine how comfortable the shoes are before you buy them. The toe area should be comfy and allow your toes to wiggle a little bit. If your shoes feel too loose, you run the risk of your feet sliding back and forth (resulting in surface irritations and ugly heel blisters) or stepping out of them completely and losing your balance. The shoe should also have a flexible upper (the top part of the shoe) that gently bends when you move your feet, and the interior should have sufficient cushioning in the toe and heel areas to absorb contact with hard floors and cement.

If you are in the market for sturdy hiking shoes that will require you to wear thick socks, take the socks with you when you go the shoe store. Most people forget this because the walking shoes are either an impulse buy, or they're wearing thinner socks (or no socks) when they make their purchase and thus don't account for the extra layer that will be filling up the inside of the shoe or boot.
  • Always have your feet measured while you're standing up, not while you're sitting down.
  • Just like clothing, a size 7 shoe isn't going to be a universal fit across different manufacturing lines. If you're buying several pairs of shoes in one trip, and they all carry a different designer label, try each pair on instead of assuming that the second and third will fit exactly like the first.E.g A size 7 shoe from Adidas is not the same as a size 7 shoe from Bata or any other shoe manufacturer.
  • Never buy tight shoes with the expectation that they will soften and loosen up over the course of time. If they are painful to wear in the shoe store, they will not become any less so after you take them home.
  • Never allow yourself to be pushed into buying a pair of shoes that aren't perfect. Exercise patience and move on to the next store if you don't find a right-fitting pair in the current one.

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