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Other Fashion Blogs In Kenya

Some Nice Blogs in Kenya.

This on my opinion is one of the best fashion blogs in Kenya,the owner,an engineering student explains this in her info "I am a very hands on type of person. I love to make stuff and turn boring things into beautiful art works. As my blog grows this will become evident. XoXo, StYl."And here is the owner:
As evident from her photo above there,she means fashion! and she is very passionate about it.
She updates her blog regulary and if you like new stuff, you have to keep on visiting her blog.
I must say her blog stands out.Keep up Stylifiq.
Catch her up on Twitter @Stylfiq

2.  The Fashion Notebook ---This blog is owned by Nancie Mwai,one of the best fashion icons not only in Kenya, but Africa.The blog has relevant articles and you wont miss something out for you.Make sure you pay it a visit.It stands out.Thats a fact!

3.  Fashion Amira Bits--- This blog is owned by Wambui Mukenyi. I must say that the owner is one of the few bloggers in kenya who follows many blogs.The blog was formed on January 2011 and upto date (10th oct 2011) it had 126 articles. This tells you that it is updated regulary than another blog i had discussed earlier-Fashion House.Make a visit and you will love the blog.

4.The Fashion House--- Having been created on January,2011,Fashion House owned by Scarlet Nduta, must be among the best blogs in Kenya.So what is good about this blog?First,it is updates regulary,by 10th oct 2011,it had 72 articles.So what does this tell you?The blog has atleast 8 articles per month,meaning there are atleast 2 articles every week.Thumbs up Fashion House Owner.

5.  Sharzville--- Am not quite sure about the owner but this blog is built on word press and am not a fan of microsoft's things though this blog is outstanding.It is unique, easy to use and the general design is awesome.Having been created on the year 2010,this blog has some of the best articles.Pay a visit and make your own reviews. It is too regulary updated through Twitter.


6.  Malikiritis---Another outstanding blog! If you need international fashion styles,this is your place coz thsi blog is swagful and you will not miss a bit of what you like. I might be speaking alot but that is the mere truth! This blog has a lot of articles and really nice articles but just one setback-the width of the blog. I guess i dont need a blog where i have to scroll left or right.

7.Fashionista Fascinators--- This is a blog which i came across just during the start of November 2011.So what is unique about this blog? It has an online catalogue of items they sale where they indicate the prices too.So if you are bored of searching around town for items you would like to add to wadrobe, now you can search from the comfort of your mobile phone or desktop or laptop.Just load their website and browse through the different articles they have.It is worth checking out.You will be fascinated!!
8.Modeempire--- I will keep on researching and keeping you posted on any fashion blog in Kenya i come across coz that is what i like doing best.So,what is Modeempire?It is "Simply a fashion empire for the love of fashion and all things fashionable. Strongly opiniated and a critique empire for all things i find appealing and outrageously horrendous."-That is according to its admins description.I need not to say much because this blog is cool,having been invented in July 2011,by 10th Nov 2011,it had 36 articles,meaning 9 articles per month which translates to atleast 2 articles per week,So it is worth looking at.

9.Bangili Jangili---Bangili Jangili..What a name this blog has!Dont think the blog is about 'jangilism'. No you are mistaken.Instead the blog is a jangili of accessories.It looks as if it is from the coastal region of Kenya.It is among the oldest blogs in Kenya-having been founded on 8th November 2010.No much articles but it stands out to represent the coastal region of our country.
10.Runway254---  A blog with an android app?That is so cool,actually the first blog in Kenya i guess to acquire a mobile app.That is so awesome for you guys from runway254.Thats so swagful.Keep up the good work.This blog has got models and designers.That makes it to be even more superior.Just check it out and make your own review.
11.Kenyanstyle---This guy just started this blog and went off?The latest update was done in 2008 and with such a nice name,surely why did he leave blogging?
12.Fashion Fashionstar by Michelle Syokau---This Blog was started recently(on October 2011) and it is really nice.It is so good and you dont have any reason as to why you should not visit it. It is owned by  a former classmate and it seems we have got fashion genes in ourselves.I will be writing more about this blog in the coming days so keep it here to read my review about this blog.

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