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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ladies Jackets

Many of my female friends have been requesting me to write something about ladies jackets. There are many varieties of ladies jackets though it is hard to distinguish them when you spot a lady wearing them. Thus,that is why i decided to bring a spot light in to this article.
Women's leather jackets are of different types as highlighted below:

Sullivan Leather Jackets
These usually are like normal leather jackets but the hands are usually made from pure cotton clothing like that of normal sweater.It can be the whole hand or just part of the hands.

Leather Trench Coat
These are the long jackets that go beyond the knees and with this cold weather this November and December, this type of jacket is a must in a ladies closet.

Shearling Leather Jacket
This type of leather jackets is usually defined by its unique collar.The collars are usually overlayed and oversized to give you a warm sensation around your neck and thus with this type of jacket,it is not a must to have a scarf with you. On the inner side of it,it is usually covered with warm cotton to give you a warmth feeling.

Riga Reversible Shearling Leather Jacket
This type is the most warmth jacket ever.It is usually covered with cotton and fur on the onside, and also on the outer side.This fur covering extends even to the outering of the collars and the hands and too, on the

Moto Leather Jacket
The unique thing about this jacket is that it does not have a collar. It is designed the same way a T-shirt is designed. It is actually the latest jacket that many celebrities are wearing of late.

Kaffi Cape Leather Jacket
This is a baggy women's leather jacket that a lady can clad in even without the need of wearing a shovel. It gives a very warm protection to the woman's chest.One can actually fail to notice that you are even wearing a jacket.

Ruffle Leather Jacket
It is a 'pimped' up jacket which has got many decorations on the front side.Instead of a zip,it has some good decorations and designs. Even on the collar, it is designed in a way that the collar is made to look more good and fashionable.

Varsity Leather Jacket
This jacket is unique. It has got stripes on the hands and too on the collar. In short, it is a sporty jacket and for those ladies who love attending live football matches, you can add this jacket on top of your teams' jersey incase the weather is chilly and cold.

 Drape Front Leather Jacket
This is a zippless and buttonless jacket. On the front side, it has got no zip or any buttons. Instead it has a shovel-like front. This type is easy to wear because it resembles the way you would wrap a 'kanga/leso' around your arms.

Thriller Leather Jacket
This came into the limelight because of the fame of late Michael Jackson's track called Thriller. It is a short jacket that covers the upper part of the abdomen. It is really fashionable and stylish because not many people have recognized it.

Suede Leather Jacket
They are a uni sexual jacket which are usually brown in color. For ladies, they can have fringes and shorter hands and they are usually long like trench coats.

That's all, now ladies next time you go shopping, insist on a specific type of jacket that you like according to the article above.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

How to shop 4 shoes

  • Determine how often and where your prospective new shoes are going to be worn. Most women don't take this into account when they walk past a shoe store. They simply spy a trendy pair of heels in a window and immediately think, "I'll have to find something to wear with those!" It is good to decide whether the shoe will be official purposes or just for going to church. If your job requires you to stand for long periods of time, for instance, or if you do lots of walking, you'll want a comfy fit and a lower heel. If you're buying shoes for a sightseeing trip, a rubber sole will provide more traction than synthetics or leather.
  • Buy your shoes in the morning. The reason is that human feet swell up a bit as the day goes on; accordingly, footwear that was purchased in the morning may pinch your toes by the time you wear them in the evening.
  • Have your feet measured by a salesperson in the store. Many people think that their shoe size doesn't change once whey grow up. Age, weight gain or loss and pregnancy, however, all affect the size of feet . It's for this reason that it's also good to do a yearly "shoe purge" of footwear that you've had for a long time.
  • Stay up put to your shoe size.If you wanted a certain size and you have not found it,don't take a larger size just because you like that model of shoe.
  • Walk around the shoe store to determine how comfortable the shoes are before you buy them. The toe area should be comfy and allow your toes to wiggle a little bit. If your shoes feel too loose, you run the risk of your feet sliding back and forth (resulting in surface irritations and ugly heel blisters) or stepping out of them completely and losing your balance. The shoe should also have a flexible upper (the top part of the shoe) that gently bends when you move your feet, and the interior should have sufficient cushioning in the toe and heel areas to absorb contact with hard floors and cement.

If you are in the market for sturdy hiking shoes that will require you to wear thick socks, take the socks with you when you go the shoe store. Most people forget this because the walking shoes are either an impulse buy, or they're wearing thinner socks (or no socks) when they make their purchase and thus don't account for the extra layer that will be filling up the inside of the shoe or boot.
  • Always have your feet measured while you're standing up, not while you're sitting down.
  • Just like clothing, a size 7 shoe isn't going to be a universal fit across different manufacturing lines. If you're buying several pairs of shoes in one trip, and they all carry a different designer label, try each pair on instead of assuming that the second and third will fit exactly like the first.E.g A size 7 shoe from Adidas is not the same as a size 7 shoe from Bata or any other shoe manufacturer.
  • Never buy tight shoes with the expectation that they will soften and loosen up over the course of time. If they are painful to wear in the shoe store, they will not become any less so after you take them home.
  • Never allow yourself to be pushed into buying a pair of shoes that aren't perfect. Exercise patience and move on to the next store if you don't find a right-fitting pair in the current one.

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Choosing Fashionable Christmas Gifts

It is evident that the season is around the corner.It can be felt all over as several companies have started giving away end-year prizes t their loyal customers.You should not be left behind in awarding your best friends.This is the season when you should have saved enough to surprise your friends,relatives and your family with gifts.SO, do you have to be rich to afford gifts? don't have to be.

It can be hard to search out the best Christmas gifts for teenage guys along with everyone else on your own Xmas buying checklist. But, getting something exciting and cheap for your special someone on the checklist is very possible. Below am going to describe what you should consider when choosing a Xmas gift.

Choose the Right Measurements
Even though you may have a decent idea of what size your good friend or significant other would wear, unless you have quick access to their closet to check, sizing could be difficult. Especially with customized items like jeans, skirts and shoes. Nobody wants to get a shoe that is too small for his/her foot or else big for him/her.

A stylish solution to the dimensions issue is to choose an accessory as an alternative. How about a shawl, bag or bit of jewelry? These items are one size suits all, so they really are ideal for all people on your checklist.

The Ideal Color
Exactly what coloring to acquire is yet another general challenge whenever apparel searching for a gift.This is because everybody has got his/her own taste of colours.Like for me, a green shoe or a t-shirt is just a no no no.SO what if i just received one for a gift?I would just keep it in my closet never to wear it or give it away. The best option is to acquire one thing in a shade which they presently wear often. Certainly keep in mind what the particular person loves to wear, not what you think they ought to wear.

To choose an ideal colour,go shopping with that person and you will know the color he/she likes. You can then go back later on so they may still be stunned on Christmas morning.

What if he/she prefers something different?
This is so challenging so you have to shop in places that give you receipts as nobody wants to give away a cheap price.This is because the person may want to return the prize in exchange of another.Numerous shops can give you a particular receipt for returns and exchanges. This doesn’t add the selling price on it, yet has a barcode with that information in case the particular person decides to take it back. This can be a sure way to make certain that they will obtain just what they really want.
Remember,gifts vary.The gift you would buy for your mum is not the gift you would buy for your uncle or a campus mate.
With that, have a cool time choosing your Xmas gifts for your friends.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy BirthDay DressPoa

I started this blog on 11th October this year,2011. Thus, today am celebrating a happy birthday.So please join me in the celebrations..All messages and feed backs will be highly appreciated.So far it is a month and we have 27 posts.This implies that at least every day there is usually a new article on this blog.Too make sure you keep on checking the pages because i do update them regularly.Our Pages are:Feedback Survey,Other Fashion Blogs In Kenya,Contact Me,Fashion Cop,Facebook,Subscriptions and Twitter although the twitter page is not fully functional.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Belts-How To Wear Them

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Belts are usually the first step to really having a good swag. When somebody looks at you;he/she is most probable looking at you from the toe to the top or from the head to the toe. That tells you that when his/her eyes reach the middle of your body and notices a fab belt,he/she will obvious cast his/her eyes more to it.This is because belts do complement your looks no matter what other accessories you have worn. There are dozen ways of wearing belts creatively. We're always searching for fun, clever ways on how to wear belts that flatter our figure, keep things in place, and generally help our outfits look as awesome as we dream them to be. Consider the following list of tips and tricks a an inspiration guide to thinking outside of the belt-loops!

Wearing any kind of belt can be challenging, especially when you’re shy about drawing attention to your waistline. On the other hand, belts are fun and useful accessories that have the potential to add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe. Wearing belts effectively over tops and dresses is a marriage between the style, colour and position of the belt, and the style of top. That’s a lot of variables! So it’s really hard to cover all belt solutions for all body types. Even if I took you shopping, I’d end up experimenting right there with you in the store because there are few tried and tested rules in this area.
The Tips Below Apply To Ladies Only:

Find your perfect spot: Position is important. Sometimes your sweet spot will be a little higher than your natural waistline and sometimes a little lower. When you’re regular bust size and carrying a little extra around the midriff, positioning a belt just above the waistline is usually the sweet spot. When you’re short-waisted and well endowed, positioning a belt lower than the waistline in front and at waist level in the back is often the solution. If you’re long wasited, wearing a belt high on the natural waist is usually most effective.  

Contrast: Once you’ve found your sweet spot and the best widths(explained below) for your frame, you have a choice between making the belt contrast or blend in with your outfit. A low contrast belt is usually best for waistlines which aren’t that defined, giving you a flattering long lean line. Whereas a high contrast belt automatically draws more attention to the waistline.  

Choose a width: Once you’ve found your sweet spot (or spots — you might have more than one) think about the width of the belt. Sometimes a wider elasticized belt worn a little above your midriff extra bits does the trick. Sometimes positioning it right onto the extra bits does the girdling trick. With a straight, undefined waistline, a narrower belt positioned a little lower in front can work really well. Long waisted gals can usually wear extra wide belts, whereas short-waisted gals tend to look better in narrower or skinny belts.  

Add something else: Layering a jacket or cardigan over a top with either a low or high contrast belt is an effective way of wearing a belt without worrying about its effects around the midriff. When worn this way, the belt adds an interesting textural dimension to your outfit.

Choose Elasticity: Where possible, choose belts that are part elastic because you can’t beat the comfort. They’ll stretch with your body during the day. Wovens work wonders: So you’re happy with how you look in a belt and it’s all sorted. But your confidence falls to pieces when you sit down because those extra midriff bits start spilling both over and underneath the belt. Enter the magical effects of woven tops and dresses that don’t cling like knits, but glide over curves adding structure in the right places. Wovens can either be rigid like shirt fabric, or soft and drapy like silk and rayon blends. Both work equally well.  
Give yourself time: Belts can feel odd when you’re not used to wearing them. Sometimes it’s just a question of getting used to the extra pressure around your waistline, so allow some time to get used to the feeling of wearing a belt.Dont give up on them. Here are some samples you can check out:
An Elastic Studded Belt
Accessorized Black Belt
Piloted checked Belt
Tie Accessorized Belt
Big Chuckle Studded Belt
Blue+Black Mixed Belt