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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ladies Jackets

Many of my female friends have been requesting me to write something about ladies jackets. There are many varieties of ladies jackets though it is hard to distinguish them when you spot a lady wearing them. Thus,that is why i decided to bring a spot light in to this article.
Women's leather jackets are of different types as highlighted below:

Sullivan Leather Jackets
These usually are like normal leather jackets but the hands are usually made from pure cotton clothing like that of normal sweater.It can be the whole hand or just part of the hands.

Leather Trench Coat
These are the long jackets that go beyond the knees and with this cold weather this November and December, this type of jacket is a must in a ladies closet.

Shearling Leather Jacket
This type of leather jackets is usually defined by its unique collar.The collars are usually overlayed and oversized to give you a warm sensation around your neck and thus with this type of jacket,it is not a must to have a scarf with you. On the inner side of it,it is usually covered with warm cotton to give you a warmth feeling.

Riga Reversible Shearling Leather Jacket
This type is the most warmth jacket ever.It is usually covered with cotton and fur on the onside, and also on the outer side.This fur covering extends even to the outering of the collars and the hands and too, on the

Moto Leather Jacket
The unique thing about this jacket is that it does not have a collar. It is designed the same way a T-shirt is designed. It is actually the latest jacket that many celebrities are wearing of late.

Kaffi Cape Leather Jacket
This is a baggy women's leather jacket that a lady can clad in even without the need of wearing a shovel. It gives a very warm protection to the woman's chest.One can actually fail to notice that you are even wearing a jacket.

Ruffle Leather Jacket
It is a 'pimped' up jacket which has got many decorations on the front side.Instead of a zip,it has some good decorations and designs. Even on the collar, it is designed in a way that the collar is made to look more good and fashionable.

Varsity Leather Jacket
This jacket is unique. It has got stripes on the hands and too on the collar. In short, it is a sporty jacket and for those ladies who love attending live football matches, you can add this jacket on top of your teams' jersey incase the weather is chilly and cold.

 Drape Front Leather Jacket
This is a zippless and buttonless jacket. On the front side, it has got no zip or any buttons. Instead it has a shovel-like front. This type is easy to wear because it resembles the way you would wrap a 'kanga/leso' around your arms.

Thriller Leather Jacket
This came into the limelight because of the fame of late Michael Jackson's track called Thriller. It is a short jacket that covers the upper part of the abdomen. It is really fashionable and stylish because not many people have recognized it.

Suede Leather Jacket
They are a uni sexual jacket which are usually brown in color. For ladies, they can have fringes and shorter hands and they are usually long like trench coats.

That's all, now ladies next time you go shopping, insist on a specific type of jacket that you like according to the article above.

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