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Monday, November 14, 2011

How to shop 4 shoes

  • Determine how often and where your prospective new shoes are going to be worn. Most women don't take this into account when they walk past a shoe store. They simply spy a trendy pair of heels in a window and immediately think, "I'll have to find something to wear with those!" It is good to decide whether the shoe will be official purposes or just for going to church. If your job requires you to stand for long periods of time, for instance, or if you do lots of walking, you'll want a comfy fit and a lower heel. If you're buying shoes for a sightseeing trip, a rubber sole will provide more traction than synthetics or leather.
  • Buy your shoes in the morning. The reason is that human feet swell up a bit as the day goes on; accordingly, footwear that was purchased in the morning may pinch your toes by the time you wear them in the evening.
  • Have your feet measured by a salesperson in the store. Many people think that their shoe size doesn't change once whey grow up. Age, weight gain or loss and pregnancy, however, all affect the size of feet . It's for this reason that it's also good to do a yearly "shoe purge" of footwear that you've had for a long time.
  • Stay up put to your shoe size.If you wanted a certain size and you have not found it,don't take a larger size just because you like that model of shoe.
  • Walk around the shoe store to determine how comfortable the shoes are before you buy them. The toe area should be comfy and allow your toes to wiggle a little bit. If your shoes feel too loose, you run the risk of your feet sliding back and forth (resulting in surface irritations and ugly heel blisters) or stepping out of them completely and losing your balance. The shoe should also have a flexible upper (the top part of the shoe) that gently bends when you move your feet, and the interior should have sufficient cushioning in the toe and heel areas to absorb contact with hard floors and cement.

If you are in the market for sturdy hiking shoes that will require you to wear thick socks, take the socks with you when you go the shoe store. Most people forget this because the walking shoes are either an impulse buy, or they're wearing thinner socks (or no socks) when they make their purchase and thus don't account for the extra layer that will be filling up the inside of the shoe or boot.
  • Always have your feet measured while you're standing up, not while you're sitting down.
  • Just like clothing, a size 7 shoe isn't going to be a universal fit across different manufacturing lines. If you're buying several pairs of shoes in one trip, and they all carry a different designer label, try each pair on instead of assuming that the second and third will fit exactly like the first.E.g A size 7 shoe from Adidas is not the same as a size 7 shoe from Bata or any other shoe manufacturer.
  • Never buy tight shoes with the expectation that they will soften and loosen up over the course of time. If they are painful to wear in the shoe store, they will not become any less so after you take them home.
  • Never allow yourself to be pushed into buying a pair of shoes that aren't perfect. Exercise patience and move on to the next store if you don't find a right-fitting pair in the current one.

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