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Monday, October 10, 2011

Eye Make Up(Ladies Stuff)

Cat Eye Make Up Like Angelina Jolie's And Rihanna's Is Simple To Create And Looks Stunning

Rihanna and Angelina Jolie are both fans of the "cat eye" makeup look. Its a stunning and sultry look that's great for the evening. Best of all its pretty easy to create and small mistakes can be dealt with easily. Here's how to create it:
Rihanna with cat eye makeup in black and sparkling blue

Prime Your Eyes

Using an eyeshadow primer such as Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, apply this to your upper eyelid area up to your browline. If you don't have a primer to hand, you can substitute a small amount of concealer, which you need to blend over your upper eye area.

Apply A Neutral Eyeshadow

Using an applicator, apply a neutral (one that matches your own skin tone) eyeshadow over your upper eyelid, and blend up towards your eyebrows.
Angelina with cat eye make up using neutral colours

Highlight Your Eyes

Apply a shimmering or highlighting shadow along your browline, blending as you go.

Define Your Eyes

Next using an eyeshadow which is a couple of shades darker than your neutral one, in a smokey shade, use an eyeshadow brush to apply this colour along the crease line of your eyelid, blending in again.

Line Your Eyes

Using a black liquid or gel eyeliner, line closely along your top and lower lashes, making sure you get right to the inner corner of your eye. When you reach the outer corner of your eye extend the line upwards along a 15 degree angle. Have a look at the picture of Leona Lewis as this is a great example of how the outer eye flick should look. You have now created the basic look, but to get a more dramatic effect you should apply a second layer of black liner around your eyes. You may find that you need to keep your skin held taught (although don't ever stretch the skin around your eyes too much) but this will ensure that your eyeliner does not get jagged or uneven edges.
Leona Lewis with perfect cat eye make up

Setting The Look

Using either a black eyeliner pencil or a small eyeliner brush dipped in black eyeshadow, go over the gel eyeliner to set the look.

Using Colour With The Cat Eye Make Up Look

Rihanna also has a vibrant blue colour along her upper lids. To create this look use a bright blue sparkling liner when you create your second line around your eye. Collection 2000 do some great sparkling liners if a wide range of colours that are very easy to use and low priced if you want to experiment with different colours. When you set this look use either an eyeliner pencil or shadow in a similar colour to set the look.

Cleaning Up Any Mistakes

If you have made any smudges or mistakes, these can easily be corrected using a cotton bud dipped in eye makeup remover.

Finish Your Look With Lashings Of Mascara

Apply two or three coats of lash building mascara to both your top and bottom lashes to finish your look.

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