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Monday, October 31, 2011

Impress By Au You Dress

Due to public demand, i have been forced to repeat this article though i had tackled it earlier.

Think it really matters how you dress? If you are a person of your own morals and standards, then you should add swag to the way you dress. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but people judge you based off of the clothes you wear. I don’t care if you’re walking down the street, or sitting in a business meeting; people are constantly looking at what you’re wearing. Even you, you too do the same-looking at people in church, in a bus, in the streets and then judging them according to the clothes,make up or shoes they have worn. Just like a lady's hair style says much about her swag, too the clothes you put on every day say more about you than anything else. When I first started out as a student blogger, I didn’t have much money though still i have no much money.. So whenever I went out to networking events I either wore baggy jeans that looked like I had poop in my pants or slacks and a shirt that typically didn’t match. So, my swag was far away down and this embarrassed me occasionally. As you can probably already guess, half the issue was that I had no sense of style and the other half was that I didn’t want to spend too much money or else i did not have enough money to spend on clothes. Whenever I walked into classrooms or meetings or went to a conference people wouldn’t really give me the time of the day until they got to know me. Once they learned I was somewhat smart they were willing to listen to me and potentially work with me. The issue was, it took people a while to warm up to me because no one wanted to waste their time talking with someone who looked like a chump. That is true in every society even Kenya, meet a person who has dressed up like he/she is from doing a 'mjengo' job and nobody will dare talk to you-For what purpose and you look shaggy and cheap? After a few years of going through this, a friend of mine kindly suggested that I spend a bit more money on my wardrobe, pay more than 20bob for a haircut, and get a decent pair of shoes. I invested ten thousand in making myself over. And boy, it made a huge difference…  

My big break through
With my new clothes, a somewhat decent haircut, and nice pair of black shoes I made a break through. At first I noticed that people were more willing to talk to me when I went to conferences. I also noticed that during my business meetings people took me more serious and people started contacting me for different coding projects. However, none of those things really mattered because they weren’t big break throughs. What was a big break through was that people assumed that I was somewhat well off because I was dressing much better. When I start talking to potential customers they naturally assumed that I was successful and my services were costly because I was better dressed. So when it came down to locking in new deals these potential customers started offering me more money. As I got a taste of money making, I wanted more, so I decided to take things up a new level with my wardrobe.  

The Boss Years -Bosses like staying together.
"The story below now is from a friend i kept on watching"

From Gucci suits, to designer shoes, to 5 figure watches, my friend stepped up his appearance as much as he could within his financial constraints. And boy, not only was there a huge swag, but it was a much bigger difference than one could imagine By dressing to impress, successful business owners started to flock to my friend when he attended networking events and people listened when he spoke in business meetings. In addition to that he was praised for wearing rare watches that other business owners wanted, but didn’t have.

This experience taught me that successful people like to hang around with other successful people as they tend to feel comfortable around themselves-Just like the pic on the left,all these men have swag,no man in a baggy jeans or a t-shirt. Now, by no means am I saying that all successful people dress nice, but the chances are if someone comes up to you and they are wearing a 5 figure watch, they have money.
And when you start talking about business with these successful people, they know that if they do business with you, it’s going to be costly for the following reasons: You have an expensive lifestyle – if people realize you have money, they know that they are going to have to pay a pretty penny to work with you. They know that if you throw around small amounts of cash in front of you, you just won’t care. It has to move your needle – in business there is saying that if it doesn’t move your needle, it’s not worth doing. So if the amount someone is willing to offer you isn’t life changing, there is a much greater chance that you won’t accept it. Due to this business owners will throw out much larger amounts if they want to work with you. By dressing like a “boss” my friend's credibility went through the roof with other business owners and he was able to do things like close 7 figure business deals.  

Stay on top of your game easily-So dress to impress but dont waste all your money on clothes, so maintain a budget.Men's suits are a variety, so choose what suits you.
Now that you have heard my story, do you think it’s worth dressing to impress?


  1. This article is just upest...Kazi poa mazeh

  2. Yoh welcome.Infact i love this blog so so much...Keep it blazing


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