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Monday, October 10, 2011

How To Do Celebs Hair Style(Ladies Stuff)

Five Easy Tips To Create Celebrity Ponytail Hair Styles

Do you think of the ponytail as something boring, or a rather childish hairstyle? Well think again, as this season the red carpets and Hollywood venues have been strewn with celebrities such as Amanda Seyfried and Reese Witherspoon sporting their own special versions of this classic hair do. Different celebrities each have their favourite versions, and here are a few of them, along with easy tips on how to create each different style of ponytail.

The Sixties Hi-Top Pony Tail Worn By Reese Witherspoon

We think this style suits Reese down to the ground and it is surely inspired by the glamour of the sixties. To create this look, first use a hair-straightener or large curling tong to create flicks at the ends of your hair. Next create some height on the crown of your head by gently backcombing your hair with a narrow tooth comb. Then gather your hair into a high pony tail and fasten with a neutral hair band. Finish by hiding the backcombing by smoothing over your hair from the front section.
Reese Witherspoon with a sixties inspired hi-top ponytail

The Low Casual Knot Worn By Amanda Seyfried

Think thirties casual Hollywood waves in this beautiful relaxed hair-do. Unless you have naturally waved hair, create horizontal waves down your hair in the thirties style with rollers. Then secure your hair into a ponytail low down at the nape of your neck using a neutral elastic, leaving some waves free around your face to frame it. Then take the ends of your ponytail and tuck them back up through the elastic to create a casual loose knot.
Amanda Seyfried with a thirties inspired low casual knotted ponytail

The Sharp Parting Worn By Jessica Lowndes

This style can look severe, but you can choose whether to make your sharp parting straight down the middle of your head, or to the side - if you choose the side, curve the parting from the crown of your head. Then run straighteners through your hair to create a sleek style. Finally pull your hair back to the nape of your neck using a paddle or bristle brish to create a smooth and sleek finish, and fasten with a band.
Jessica Lowndes with a sharply parted sleek ponytail

The Face Framer Worn By Anne Hathaway

Some have commented that Anne looks just a tiny bit nerdy here, but I like this style – its pretty and casual. It’s also great if you are in a hurry, and want to jazz up your hair when you don’t have time to wash and style it. Pull your hair back into a pony tail, and then loosen the strands around the face. Then using either dry shampoo or some hair mousse accentuate the wisps to frame your face.

Anne Hathaway with a face framing wispy ponytail

The Glamorous Back Ponytail Worn By Selena Gomez

This ponytail does require some pretty hefty hair length, but you could always cheat with clip in hair extensions. Prepare for this look by plaiting your hair overnight or for several hours before an evening out. You can add a styling product to help the waves stay in place if you need to. Secure the hair at the nape of the neck using a glamorous hair band and then brush through the lengths. Loosen the front sections, and if you need to add some waves with a large curling tong. This look is fabulous with a backless or strappy dress.
Selena Gomez with a glamorous long back ponytail

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